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Anonymous said: Thanks for answering my message :-) I feel like my moods swings and I always feel super stressed, but I find it hard to judge how much of that is caused by hyperthyroidism. But I guess I'll find out once I start meds in September :-) Does your sis take medicine? Did she gain weight after starting on them?

Nope! She didn’t. She isn’t very consistent though (forgetful 18 year old) so I’m not sure on that one. :(

Anonymous said: Hi, saw you commented on the post where I asked for people with hyperthyroidism. I've just been diagnosed with it and am curious to hear from others about it, plus maybe a bit about the treatment for it :-)

Antithyroid medications work best if your symptoms are mild. My little sister mostly experiences extreme weight loss, so to compensate, she has to eat a lot. She also has mood swings. I don’t know much about the treatment for it specifically, but again, if your symptoms are mild, all you need is to take a pill everyday to level out your horomones/metabolism. 

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kumo-na said: i'd be willing to trade ken (he's in boxes rn) for frank

I’m lame and totally didn’t specify what I wanted. HA. Ken is cool! But not what I’m lookin’ for. If frank is someone you really want you can come and get him for some bells. Up to you!

Frank the jock eagle is in boxes if anyone wants him!


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